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Beauty of the trivial... Whether it is a palm on a deserted winter beach, moving images of animals on a children’s playground, picturesqueness of a fall forest or a wall graffiti screaming — all is consolidated in a rhythm of images informed by the same technique and the beauty of mundane, the fragments of which determine our perception of the world around us. It is rather states than events, rather commemorations than a piece of paper, it is more about catching a moment with a series of alterations... colorful transfor- mations. That’s what an experimental approach means to me.

As far as this current collection is concerned, the speed at which it was formed was absolutely breath- taking and amazing. Everything was implemented with such a furious energy, with the author used to working in black-and-white classical aesthetic approach, but longing for a new perception and color sense.

This sense of color was originally inspired by the medium that was totally new to me a 1967 Polaroid camera’s Fuji film. In my opinion, there is always more to it than just a snapshot to be taken or the resulting aesthetic effect. It is rather the very score, which is the foundation of performance

(by Adams). From XX century chemical process I’m smoothly transitioning to a digital processing and printing of XXI century. I love advancing in time and observing the changes in cameras as photographers strive to combine the unique and vulnerable imperfection of a negative, new features and immense technical freedom of voice and color adjustments that digital processing and imprint- ing offer. My intention is clear — I’m striving to convey my perception of beauty of the trivial.

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